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endoSTORE® neo storage cabinet system for flexible endoscopes


The innovative storage cabinet system endoSTORE® neo from Cantel closes a hygienically critical gap in the reprocessing process of flexible endoscopes and sets new standards in patient safety.



A new standard of hygiene in the storage and drying of flexible endoscopes

  • Permanent ventilation of channels prevents residual moisture
  • Circulation of dry and filtered compressed air in each endoscope channel
  • Air circulation for surface drying
  • Short drying times
  • Particle filter with nominal filtration level 0,01µm
  • Continuous data input, tracking of endoscopes, recording of patient information and user authorization via bar code scanner
  • Storage system for eight endoscopes
  • Pass-through function, can be operated from both sides
  • Storage time control for each endoscope
  • Management of error signals




Distinguished through innovation and design

The product  „endoSTORE" – the new storage system for flexible endoscopes - has been distinguished with the innovation award from the state of Baden-Württemberg and the red dot award. 

To the award




Smart connect

  • Communication  Between the reprocessing system and the storage             system via the central server.
  • Security enquiry –  Ensures peace of mind.                                                                   The storage system verifies that the endoscope has correctly completed            the reprocessing cycle when it is inserted.
  • Time-Tracking – Keeps its eyes open for you.                                                               The time between completion of the reprocessing cycle and insertion of              the endoscope is monitored.





Air circulation system with surface drying

A special air circulation system has been integrated to ensure optimal external drying of the endoscopes. The volume flow rate significantly reduces the drying time. 











Sensor system - climate control at all times

The integration of climatic sensors ensures that temperatures and relative humidity in the cabinet are constantly measured and evaluated.

They deliver information on the drying status of the endoscope.

An additional air circulation phase is started if the humidity level on the inside is too high. 






HIS Interface

Data interface between Hospital Information System (HIS) and storage system.

Process and master data are released in a parameter file for the Hospital Information System and can be processed into superior systems.









Smart light

Know what's going on - at a glance

The functional LED interior cabinet light changes colour depending on the status.     Blue indicates the active drying process, green the completed process and red a fault.









Alarm Protection NEU!

Alarmsystem für Trocknungs- und Lagerungssysteme von Cantel

Auch als Nachrüst-Set verfügbar!

mehr erfahren..

Label and network printer

Storage and documentation of several endoscopes in one drawer (for example bronchoscopes)

Storage of endoscopes in centralized and decentralized cabinets, complete record of all process steps at different storage locations.




Technical data

Dimensions 60 x 190 x 54 cm 23.6 x 74.8 x 21.3 ''
Weight 145 kg (net) 319,67 lbs (net)
Operating temperature +10 bis +40 °C 50 bis 104 °F
Power input 75 W
Electrical connection 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Fuse internal device: T4A, building: 16 A
Air connection Quality ISO 8573-1:2010 class 1.4.1
Pressure 2-10 bar 29-145 psi
Demand <95 l/min (ANR) bzw. 16 l/min @ 5 bar <3.4 CFM (ANR) bzw. 0.6 CFM @ 77.5 psi
Diameter (DN) 6 (1/4 ")
Interface RJ45 (10/100 Mbit)








System solution

MEDIVATORS advantage plus

Processing, drying, storage and logistics in a closed circuit!

  • High-level disinfection in the processing machine MEDIVATORS® Advantage® plus
  • Efficient endoscope transfer with the transport trolley and  transport cassette
  • The cassette connection block guarantees a safe connection and considerable time saving
  • The repair costs for your system are reduced by approx. 25%
  • Secure storage in the storage cabinet endoSTORE®
  • Permanent ventilation of individual channels prevents recontamination

The passageway system allows for a closed circuit between endoscope reprocessing and use.




endoSTORE® Zertifikat prEN16442:2013 endoSTORE® Zertifikat prEN16442:2013 ESCAD-Medical-endoSTORE-neo-certificate-en16442.pdf
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endoSTORE® neo planning data (DXF) endoSTORE® neo planning data (DXF)
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endoSTORE® neo: Flyer endoSTORE® neo: Flyer ESCAD_Medical_endoSTORE_neo_Flyer_EN_02.pdf
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endoSTORE® neo: Konformitätserklärung endoSTORE® neo: Konformitätserklärung ESCAD_MEDICAL_CE_Conformity_ENDODRY_160317.pdf
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