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Customer survey - what our customers say about us

Within the scope of our quality management system we provide our services at regular intervals on the test bench. For this reason, a customer survey was carried out by Cantel (Production) Germany GmbH from February 23 to March 23, 2016. 

We rejoice over the feedback from our customers and would like to thank you for your participation!

The results can be impressive!



Repair service for flexible endoscopes








"On the phone I have always the feel that you have a good working atmosphere and you are very well communicated with each other. This is noticeable on every call. Keep it up"

"Thanks to the always friendly and helpful back office"

"You are a great team - the cooperation is always pleasant and the employees act responsibly. Keep it up!!!“

"Friendliness, great service. You guys are great!!!“

„Sympathetic voice on the telephone service, pleasant error-message acceptance!“ 

„Continue like you are!“

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